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Mark and Kimberly attended a Manny Librodo’ Paradiso Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand from November 24th-25th of 2012.The models: Kharunisia Jazmin ad Nikita Parlevliet and fashion and makeup guru: Hilde Marie Johansen were going beyond and above with the concept. Kharunisia Jazmin is also a HMUA/stylist/designer all rolled into one. She’s also Manny’s muse.

I was honored to meet miss Nikita Parlevliet. She is a woman of many talents. Not only can she model with grace and poise, she has started her own bathing suit company. Girls of all ages should look up to Miss Nikita because she has gone above and beyond in both modeling and business world.

Model: Nikita Parlevliet

She is an absolute doll and highly professional. Any photographer would want to work with Nikita since she is  a wonderful model to work with during a photo shoot. I’d advise any photographer in the area or even out of the area to work with Miss. Nikita.

Interview Questions:

  1. How long have you been modeling?
  2. Was modeling always a dream?
  3. If you have any tips for girls what would it be?
  4. What was your favorite concept you ever modeled?

Interview Answers:

  1. I started modeling during my studies in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After that I got offered a modeling contract in Bangkok and that is when I started to work professionally and full time as a model in Asia. That has been 4 years now.
  2. Honestly modeling was never a dream. I see it more as a step towards my dreams. I get to travel a lot, work in fashion and meet interesting people. This gives me an opportunity to work on my own business; which is a unique swimwear label concept.
  3. Important thing in modeling and in life; happy attitude. Simple! When you feel at ease and happy with yourself, it shows in your expression and creates a pleasant work atmosphere.
  4. My favorite concept was for Lola Swimwear (my label with partner Rachel Santillan). We did an underwater photo shoot -SIREN- which was awesome! Credits to photographer Chris Clark.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you for allowing me to interview you.

If you wish to work with Miss Nikita or interested in some bathing suits, please message her directly here: